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Company Name : Aardwolf Industries LLC

Business Type : Lifting Equipment, Vacuum Lifter, Slab Rack

Company Address : Duong An Phu 23, Khu Pho 1B, Phuong An Phu Thi Xa Thuan An, Tinh Binh Duong

Postal Code : Vietnam

Contact Person : Thanh

Mobile Phone : 84-1286848255

Tel : 84-0650-3712840

Fax : 84-0650-3712841

WebSite :

Aardwolf Vacuum Block Lifter
Aardwolf Vacuum Block Lifter
  • Aardwolf Vacuum Block Lifter
  • Aardwolf Vacuum Block Lifter
  • Aardwolf Vacuum Block Lifter
  • Aardwolf Vacuum Block Lifter

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  • origin : Ho Chi Minh
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Lifting and Transportation Equipment

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Powerful battery operated vacuum lifting device for the laying of marble and granite slabs, concrete and the like.  Robust and compact, the Aardwolf Block Lifter can be suspended on all types of lifting equipment by means of load hooks, chains, cables and the like.  


  • The Aardwolf Block Lifter is equipped with a battery operated  vacuum pump. 
  • For special purposes, different suction plates are available. 
  • Suction plates slide on and slide off, so plates can be changed in less then one minute.
  • The carrying capacity is dependant on the suction plate used.  Larger weights can be lifted with larger vacuum plate up to a maximum load of 450 kg.
  • Powered by a rechargeable and exchangeable 12V battery. 
  • Safety features: Flashing light to warn of low pressure, vacuum gauge, safety vacuum storage tank, acoustic warning device. 
  • Pressure switch control system automatically and starts the vacuum pump after start of loss of pressure. 
  • Power saving control system allows the battery to last for one working day.  Battery charge indicator indicates battery charged level. 
  • Manually operated valve for vacuum "on/off".
  • Choice of four standard vacuum pads:-
    • Vacuum Pad - 500 x 125mm - WLL 150 Kgs  (6.8 kg)
    • Vacuum Pad - 500 x 160mm - WLL 200 Kgs  (8.0 kg)
    • Vacuum Pad - 500 x 215mm - WLL 280 Kgs  (10.5 kg)
    • Vacuum Pad - 500 x 300mm - WLL 450 Kgs  (13.0 kg)
  • Different dimension vacuum plates made on request.
Note: For shipping weight add weight of selected pads to package.
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